Flying Twins is ready to bring a unique Theatrical show format named "THE WAR OF TALENT" that has never-been-done-before. This new talent hunt reality show aims to provide a platform to passionate and talented Dancers, Actors, Singers, And Models, in India. What’s unique about the show is that for the first time on Web, the participants will be seen showcasing some of the most innovative and entertaining performances through their acts. So, on the empowering stage of The War of Talent, all forms of Art will come together and perform as team.We celebrate talent. The War of Talent is not the regular run-of-the-mill entertainment show. It’s a blasting new era show and, a portal into film industry and the best place to connect with the like-minded artists - all rolled into one.
What’s also different on this show is that there is absolutely No Elimination on the Show. THE WAR OF TALENT will also be a beautiful showcase of all the various Talent not just Dancing, Singing, Acting, Modelling but also Choreographers, Story Writers, Lyricist, Music Composer who will be part of the Show. It is open to everyone! We want it to be India’s biggest Talent celebration. In short, For the first time ever in India Flying Twins & Shree ram film creations presents the biggest web-star show, the ultimate combination of singing, dancing, acting and modeling talents where contestants will compete in this War to win lot of prizes and open up the doors of entertainment industry for them.
The show is aimed to explore and recognize the Next Generation Performers from the grass-root level, thereby providing them a platform to fame and glory. The contest is open for girls and boys between the age group of 6 to 45 years. Registrations are OPENNOW!
The show will cover the highest mark of 50 cities across the country for auditions.from where 200 contestants of different genres will be selected for the show. These selected contestants will then be divided in 6 Teams. Each team will be having 30 to 35 Members,
On Stage :- Actors, Dancers, Singers and Models,
Off Stage :- Choreographers, Music Composers, Story Writers, Lyrics Writer,

And each group will perform for 5 to 6 minutes, on all over an amazingly different theme in each and every episode.
Every team will perform 1 act in each episode.
There will be online voting.
The top most voted team in all of the episodes will be crowned as the winning team. There will be other Awards too as such Best Dancer, best actor, best singer, best model, best writer, best lyricist. There will be 1st , 2nd and 3rd runner teams as well.

Some awards for each episode are :-
Performer of the day
Judges’ choice award
Highest voted this week
Sponsors choice Award
Best story, Best lyrics and Best Choreographer.

3 celebrity judges plus online Voting are important aspects of the show, who will select the best team. The selected Top 200 participants will receive Skill Development training from us. Our contestants can make their fan base not just in whole of India but all over the world, through our website and social media promotions. Online voting will have a vital role in each episode of T.W.O.T. The show is the very first Theatrical - Online show in India.
T.W.O.T is a co-production between Shree Ram Film Creations and Flying Twins Entertainment.
The Show will hit on YouTube Soon.