For the first time ever in India Flying Twins & Shree ram film creations presents the biggest webstar show, the ultimate combination of singing, dancing, acting and modelling talents where contestants will compete in this War of Talent to win lots of prizes and open the doors of entertainment industry for you. The show will cover the highest mark of 50 cities accross the country for auditions. For the first time ever to explore the treasure of art and talent in our country and fulfill the dreams of our contestants. Auditions starts from April 2018 all over India. The War Of Talent creates the biggest competition and aims to open doors for talented artists in our country. Winner of the show would be crowned as India’s new online best Singers, Dancers, Actors, Models sensation. With this show we brings a revolutionary era in Singing, Dancing, Acting, and Modelling reality show of 2018. Our show is an ideal platform for talented and aspiring singers, dancers, actors and models to become a Webstar who can deliver outstanding performances in front of three well-known judges, celebrities and media production artist.

The show is aimed to explore and recognise the Next Generation Singers, Dancers, Actors and Models from the grass-root level, thereby providing them a platform to fame and glory. The contest is open for girls and boys between the age group of 6 to 45 years. Registrations are OPEN NOW !


Because we understand your talent, it’s importance and your dreams. We adore talent and want to promote it, we patronize talent and that’s not all - we celebrate talent The War of Talent is not the regular run-of-the-mill entertainment show. It’s a blasting new era show and, a portal into film industry and the best place to connect with the like-minded artists - all rolled into one. We are committed not just to expose your talent to the country but also assures that your talent is watched and valued. You have our word! Get ready to plunge into the plethora of fame and fortune. It has created a platform for every striver who has dreamed to become a star. Our Mission is to find the people from various fields & show their talent to the whole world & use this hidden treasure as a wealth for the entertainment.