The terms and conditions contained herein (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply to your participation in a talent hunt/reality Show called T.W.O.T (“Web Series”) conducted by Shree Ram Film Creations in a Association with Flying Twins Entertainment Your participation in the Contest will be construed as an acceptance of the Terms. If you do not agree to any of the Terms you should not participate in the Contest. The Contest/Show tentative timelines are as follows Audition Location: Mumbai, Thana, Navi-Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Surat, Vadodara, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Dewas, Masoor, Nimach, Ahemdabad, Indore, Jaipur, Gurgoan, Lucknow, Nasik, Jodhpur, Allahabad, Rajkot, Meerut, Dahod, Banaras, Many more to come. Date and time will be confirmed shortly. The Contest is open to Citizens residing within the geographical territory of India. Participation fee: Rs. Only 200/- for Solo Dancing, Singing, Acting, Modelling, and 1000/- for Group Dance (max 10 Dancers) ……../- per Entry* to be paid during collecting the registration forms. Or you can do pre registration online in our website so you don’t have to wait in que you can pay fess from Paytm , Debit Card , Credit Card or Net Banking. * An Entry is considered as an individual or a group comprising of multiple participant against single performance/ category All Participants intending to participate need to register themselves using the following link: There are two option of registering for the auditions. Walk-in Registration @ Audition Venues – The applicants need to come to the Audition Location on the given dates and fill in the forms available at the Registration Desk. Online Registration – Contestants living in different cities other than Audition venue list, can register online and appear for the audition at the nearest city venue. All the Participants will have to select a Song from the given list only (compulsory) All the Participants have to prepare an act by themselves as the judges might ask them to perform the act which they have prepared. Guidelines for participation in Auditions All the applicants must carry valid ID proof and two photocopies of the same. The presented ID must correspond to the ID used for online sign up ( if applicable ) . All the applicants must carry 2 passport size photographs. Refreshments will not be provided at the audition venues. Selection and Elimination Process Applicants must come to the Auditions as announced by YUS for each city. Applicants in any age group, should be physically fit to participate. Flying Twins management and Shree Ram Film Creations will not be responsible for any health hazard occurred due to pre-existing ailments. If demanded, All contestants would be expected to comply with guidelines for the auditions as listed in Clause 3 above. Selected Finalists from each of the 50 cities must travel to Mumbai towards the next phase of event, as it progresses. Rules for the finalists. All the finalists must agree to abide by all guidelines set down for the Show and they shall make themselves available. Flying Twins Entertainment and Shree Ram Film Creations (TWOT) for the duration of the Show. Under no circumstances will a participant/Team be allowed to drop out from the Contest/Show after finalization. The dates for the event will be conveyed to the participants well in advance. The applicants may be required to be available for a minimum of 10 days towards, PR and promotional activity of the event for a pre-defined period, as will be mentioned in the agreement. All the rights including but not limited to the intellectual property rights, copyrights and all other allied, ancillary and subsidiary rights in any and all media in and to the photographs, tapes, movies and recordings of everything the applicant say and do during the pre-auditions and auditions of the Contest, Post Contest Shoot, Promotional Activity and/or otherwise related to the Contest shall vest with Flying Twins Entertainments Shree Ram Film Creations absolutely for perpetuity, throughout the world. Comments of the applicants or materials/photographs/images sent to Flying Twins Entertainment Shree Ram Film creation including feedback and other testimonials of any kind shall be deemed to be non-confidential. Flying Twins Entertainment Shree Ram Film Creations is free to reproduce, distribute and publicly display such feedback and voting entries without limitations or obligation of any kind. Flying Twins Entertainments is also free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such feedback for any purpose. Flying Twins Entertainments reserves the right to analyse and summarize data that we collect and also reserves the right to publish, distribute, share summaries of the data collected with sponsors or other business partners without limitations or obligations of any kind. Although Flying Twins Entertainments / shree ram film creations attempts to ensure that all information contained on the Show website is error-free, we accept no liability for omissions, and reserve the right to change or alter the content of the site at any time. The schedule of events and qualification rounds are subject to change at the discretion of Flying Twins Entertainments. In case any event is rescheduled, Flying Twins Entertainment / shree ram film creations will make a reasonable attempt to give as much advance notice as possible, without being liable for this reason. Flying Twins Entertainments / shree ram film creations shall not be responsible for non-completion / non-occurrence of any stage of the Contest as planned It is the sole responsibility of the applicants to ensure that they are entitled to participate in this Show/Contest as per the applicable law. We are fully committed to following laws related to the collection of data and to our carefully considered policy on data collection. You are required to give us the correct details about yourself and Flying Twins Entertainments / shree ram film creations will not be liable for any damages direct or indirect for any wrong / incomplete addresses submitted. The decision of Flying Twins Entertainments Shree Ram Film Creation and / or its representatives, employees, directors, officers or agents with respect to the voting, any matter related thereto including the choice of questions or the manner of choosing of winners will be final and binding on all participants and no questions, correspondence, enquiries, etc. On the manner of conduct of the Contest from any party whatsoever will be entertained. Flying Twins Entertainments / shree ram film creations reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Contest/Show without giving any reason and shall not be held liable for any such cancellation or postponement. To the extent permitted by law, Flying Twins Entertainments or its representatives, employees, directors, officers or agents, shall not be liable for any loss suffered or sustained, to person or property including, but not limited to, consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent on the part of Flying Twins Entertainments or it’s representatives, employees, directors, officers or agents. The applicants agree that they shall hold Flying Twins Entertainments, its affiliates, its group companies, their employees, officers, directors or any other person harmless from and against any injury/damage/harm/loss etc. suffered by them, in any manner whatsoever in connection with participating in the Show/Contest and waives all rights to file in person/ through any family member and/or third Participant any applications, criminal and/or civil proceedings in any courts or forum in India to claim any damages or relief. The interpretation and implementation of the Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Flying Twins Entertainments. The decisions of Flying Twins Entertainments shall be final and binding, and not subject to challenge or appeal. The participants agree and undertake to indemnify Flying Twins Entertainments against any loss, damage, liability, etc. suffered by it on account of non-fulfilment or breach of any of the these terms by the participant. In no event shall Flying Twins Entertainments’s liability for any claim, made by any participant for any reason. These terms and conditions shall be governed by & construed in accordance with the applicable laws in India. Any dispute including all matters with respect to the voting are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai only. For any feedback, suggestions, queries, email us: (mention email and contact details)